Non-Compete Negotiation Checklist

This form may not only be used by dentists seeking employment as an associate doctor, but also by practice owners.

For associate doctors who are ready to move on from a practice, but may be looking to work with the boundaries and time restrictions of a non-compete covenant, this checklist lays out the factual, contractual, and legal defenses that may be successful in defeating a weak or unenforceable non-compete clause.

For practice owners who are wanting to employ an associate dentist and wants to protect the goodwill of their patient base at the end of the associate's term of employment, this checklist will assist in the drafting of a strong and enforceable non-compete clause.

As you can see, this form includes ten different legal defenses for associate dentists that may be successful in defeating the terms of a non-compete clause; or alternatively, may be used by practice owners to draft an enforceable covenant.

Watch the explanatory video, below.

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