Informed Consent Form for Local Anesthetic

Comprehensive informed consent for Local Anesthetic, as well as blanks to record blood pressure and pulse on date of procedures.

This form details the risks, hazards and alternative treatments available for most general dentistry procedures. Includes blanks to fill in specific procedures to be performed.

Complies with TSBDE Rule 108.7 which requires that Texas dentists maintain a written informed consent signed by the patient, or a parent or legal guardian of the patient if the patient is a minor, or a legal guardian of the patient if the patient has been adjudicated incompetent to manage the patient's personal affairs.

Watch the explanatory video, below.

Such consent is required for all treatment plans and procedures where a reasonable possibility of complications from the treatment planned or a procedure exists, and such consent should disclose risks or hazards that could influence a reasonable person in making a decision to give or withhold consent.

TSBDE Rule 108.7, Standard of Care and Informed Consent.

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